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Tin City Stockton Sand Dunes

Tin City began in the early 1900’s when 2 tin shacks were built for shipwreck survivors. During the great depression of the 1930’s, Tin City grew to over 36 huts. Eleven of these huts still stand today. Tin City is the last legal squatter settlement in Australia!

Not only is standing in the middle of the dunes with literally sand and sky the only thing you can for 360 degrees, quite a breathtaking experience, this is also no ordinary sand which is why it gets its own heading.

Tin City is located in the middle of the Stockton Bight, the largest shifting sand mass in the Southern Hemisphere.

The dunes created by the swirling sand measure 32 km and can be up to 30 metres high in places. Every year they move a little further north – and in some areas are starting to swallow up the trees that edge the dunes.

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