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Serviced Apartments Are The Way To Go

Being away from home is never ideal, so how can you make the experience a bit more homely? Well, a lot of people think Serviced Apartments Are The Way To Go and we think they’re onto something. Serviced apartments basically give you a home away from home, which is perfect when you’re away on business or on holiday. For some the traditional set up of a hotel works perfectly, but if that doesn’t quite do it for you, a serviced apartment might be what you’re after. On average, you save thirty percent in comparison to an equivalent hotel stay and you can also get much more space – with the best bit being that it is your “own” place!

Work and Relax

In contrast to a hotel, a serviced apartment gives you the opportunity to live as though you are at home, so you can enjoy the flexibility and independence that comes with that. You can cook your own food, wash your own clothes and entertain friends, family and/or colleagues. This is because you get more than just a room. Companies such as Newcastle Executive Apartments provide you with accommodation that is more than twice the size of the average hotel room with at least four separate rooms – living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Save Money

Staying in a serviced apartment can work out far cheaper than staying in a hotel. This is because you have control; you can decide what amenities you want to have or go without, and you won’t be hit with any hidden charges. We all know that cooking at home is more cost effective than eating out. In a hotel you don’t have the option of cooking for yourself whereas in a serviced apartment you do. And – ironically – if there is a hotel nearby that has a great restaurant you can choose to dine there one evening if you like – now that’s the kind of flexibility that we love.


Having use of a kitchen that is fully equipped to prepare all types of food is ideal when you, or someone you’re entertaining, has dietary requirements. Not to mention that preparing a fantastic home-cooked meal and enjoying it around a dining table with other people is one of life’s highlights. Combine that with a few glasses of wine out of a bottle you purchased yourself (at a reasonable price) and the advantages of a serviced apartment start to come into sharp focus.

You might also want to have guests to stay and this is potentially one of the biggest differences that a serviced apartment offers over a hotel. If you’re visiting family or friends in Newcastle for example, then a hotel is fine (as you will all have somewhere to stay overnight – them at home and you in the hotel). On the other hand if you’re visiting Newcastle with family or friends from elsewhere, a serviced apartment gives you the opportunity to offer them a place to stay overnight. This means you’ll get to spend more quality time with them. Just imagine how nice it could be if you could all go out for the day together before coming back and spending the evening in your home away from home. Then imagine the alternative of asking them back to your hotel and all cramming into your small hotel room, with stuff everywhere, nowhere to sit, etc. Not to mention that they’d have to leave early to start their return journey. The freedom, flexibility and space that comes with a serviced apartment means they’re definitely worth considering when looking into accommodation options for your travels.

Booking and Check In

Booking a serviced apartment is virtually the same as booking a hotel, and far less hassle than arranging a rental property. Whilst hotels can often be rigid when it comes to checking in and checking out, with out-of-hours food only available via room service. Travel plans and work schedules might not work in accordance with a rigid timetable, so enjoy the flexibility that comes with a serviced apartment. Come and go as you please, and live similarly to as if you where at home – prepare a snack when you arrive home late and don’t worry about the time and cost of room service.

Prime Location

When you’re staying in an Australian city such as Newcastle the location of your accommodation is key. You’ll probably want to be near the water, be it the ocean or the river, as that’s where all of the action is. It is also where you’ll find most of the local amenities and transport links. Enjoy staying in one of the best spots in town but in accommodation that has all of the advantages of not being a hotel. Check out our 12 Things To Do With Your Family When They Visit Newcastle article if you’re after some suggestions of places to go when in Newy. Or take a look at hunter hunter which is a great place to look for things to do and places to go in and around Newcastle.

Serviced Apartments Are The Way To Go – Conclusion

There are pros and cons to any type of accommodation, but the point of this article is to highlight that staying in a serviced apartment might be something you haven’t thought of before and that there are plenty of advantages that come with this accommodation option. At the end of the day, the most important thing when you’re traveling is to enjoy your time away from home, so knowing all of your options when booking your accommodation is advantageous regardless of what you decide to book in the end.

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