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At Glee, one thing we love more than coffee is people. Although we live and breathe specialty coffee, our passion goes beyond the cup and into the relationships and community that we find around it.

For us, we value you, our customers, growers, suppliers and staff. We love people and what better way to get to know one another than over a cup of really good coffee!

Our founders are brothers, Ben and Chris Gleeson, therefore we embody the values of family while always making sure that the quality of the bean remains at the forefront.

Our boutique roastery is located on the beautiful east coast of Australia, just above Sydney, an area known for it's relaxed atmosphere and warm people - a recipe for lots of coffee drinking and friend-making! Our House Blend is a well balanced blend of 5 single origins to achieve a full bodied coffee that spreads gently across your palette with a prominent acidity, a cheeky spice and finishes off with a hint of orange peel. We use only the finest quality Arabica beans from high attitude climates around the world, in order to formulate a blend that livens any milk-based coffess to the most discerning black drinker.


  • 155 Darby Street, Cooks Hill, Newcastle, NSW, 2300
  • 0432 304 703
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