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At Newcastle Executive Apartments we recognise that nobody likes being away from home, especially when on business. We understand the frustrations that the business traveller will face when staying in a hotel for an extended stay. So we do all we can to make your experience of staying away from home more pleasant.


Do you ever feel as if the four walls of your hotel room are closing in?

After a few days, even the most spacious of hotel rooms can feel small and limiting. As little more than a bed and a bathroom, few hotel rooms afford you the space you need to carry on life while you're away on business. With up to 200 sq ft of uncluttered, contemporary space, Newcastle Executive Apartments serviced accommodation features separate living and sleeping areas, with everything you need to work, relax and even entertain while you're away from home.


Do you ever feel isolated from the amenities of the town centre?

Many hotels are situated on the outskirts of town, requiring a taxi ride to and from business destinations during the day and leisure facilities at night. Newcastle Executive Apartments serviced accommodation properties are close to key business districts and major travel routes, providing easy access to main road networks and public transport. Located in the town centre, local shops, restaurants, and mainline train stations, are just a short stroll away from your Newcastle Executive serviced apartment.


Are you ever fed up with dining alone and eating from the same hotel menu?

Many people feel uncomfortable dining alone in a restaurant and you don't have to stay in a hotel for long before you've eaten all the things on the menu that you like. After a long day at work, many business people would prefer to relax in their casual clothes and enjoy a meal of their choice, or a home cooked meal, in the comfort of their own living space. Being able to cook the food that you want, when you want it is just one of the benefits of staying in a Newcastle Executive serviced apartment.


Do you ever feel frustrated with having to rely on hotel staff and being restricted by the hotel's rigid timetable?

With its onsite gym, bar and restaurant, a hotel can seem like an attractive option, although most won't offer their services at a time that suits you. If you're staying for anything longer than a few days, having your food cooked and your clothes washed by someone else can soon become limiting, not to mention costly and inconvenient. With a Newcastle Executive serviced apartment, you're not restricted with set meal times and we can even schedule your arrival and departure times to suit you upon request.

Have you ever been surprised by the amount of additional charges on your hotel bill upon check-out?

It's inevitable that when staying in a hotel, you will need to use some of the services provided, such as the bar and restaurant, internet access, telephone calls, movies, laundry and parking. Many of these will carry an additional charge which means that staying in a hotel will cost you significantly more than just the room rate.

Newcastle Executive serviced apartments include all those hotel "extras" within the price so there are no surprises when you check-out. As a great hotel alternative, a Newcastle Executive serviced apartment can actually save you up to 30% on the total cost of your stay.